Filmmakers Unite (FU)

a collective response from independent filmmakers to current threats to our democracy, freedom of speech, and civil rights


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Filmmakers Jay Rosenblatt (The Smell of Burning Ants; Human Remains; Phantom Limb; The Darkness of Day) and Ellen Bruno (Samsara; Satya; Sacrifice; Split) have curated a collection of films that documents responses to the current state of our union. 

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A call was put out to over 200 filmmakers asking for submissions. Over 50 filmmakers agreed to contribute work. The films selected comprise a provocative program of thirteen shorts cutting across race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and religion.

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Screenings & Press

The world premiere of FU took place at DOK Leipzig in November 2017 in Germany, followed by a screening at the Cine Palium Fest in Italy. Responses have been electrifying, and the program has been submitted to national and worldwide festivals. 

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