Filmmakers Unite (FU) is a compilation of one-to-nine minute shorts by documentary, narrative and experimental filmmakers cutting across race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and religion – to present a collective response to the current threats to our democracy.

La Madre Buena/The Good Mother (5:35)


by Sarah Clift

A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics to find her son’s birthday request - a Donald Trump piñata.

The Starting Line/La Línea  (6:42)


by Pacho Velez and Nicole Salazar

The Starting Line / La Línea captures the rhythms of a day at the Tijuana border crossing. But it's not just any day. As people go through their routines, they listen to the local news report on Donald Trump's inauguration.




The Tool (8:43)


by Kate Amend and Pablo Bryant

The incomparable artist and cartoonist Mr. Fish responds to the election of Donald Trump with his scathing brand of uncensored humor.





Who Matters? (7:18)


by Shy Hamilton

An experimental short made entirely of gifs which questions who is considered important in US society.  







The United States (6:44)


by Ferne Pearlstein

Sadly relevant to current events, The United States tells a piece of a largely unknown story of Nazi sympathizers in a time and place we never expected.

Scared Very Scared (6:45)


by Jay Rosenblatt

An imagined therapy session that obliquely suggests the seeds of “Trump” and the subsequent fear and anxiety he evokes.





This is My Country (6:43)


by Kris Samuelson and John Haptas

Rising bigotry towards immigrants is spawning fear and anxiety that permeate the lives of children just trying to get through school in the country they call home.





The Muslim Meme (4:30)


by Usama Alshaibi

The Muslim Meme is an expression of the frustration and disgust with the rising right-wing news propaganda machine that is heard on AM radio while commuting to work.






9-Little Donnie.jpg

by Chel White

A stop motion Donald Trump doll goes on a rampage in this timely animated parody of a 1970's horror film.






Brothers  (7:20)


by David Sampliner and Rachel Shuman

James, a left-leaning poet, decides to travel to Idaho to visit his brother Dolph, a Trump-supporting former Marine, to bridge the longstanding divide between them.  





State of the Union (3:32)


By Alan Berliner

A meditation on the current political, ethical, and cultural divide in our country, a situation profoundly more urgent in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the presidency.


Fellow American (6:30)


by Eva Ilona Brzeski

In a moment of political anger and social unrest, a filmmaker travels across the United States. 




by Jeremy Rourke

Joy doesn’t betray activism, it sustains it.